The control room offers a flagship SSL 4048 G+ in perfect condition. Pro Tools 10 and the I/O configuration consists of high-end Swissonic converters. For analog tracking we offer a Studer A820 total of 24 analog multitracking. The studio has it's own Steinway Grand Piano 6' 4" for unique sound, real touch and beauty.


The SSL G series have been stalwarts of studios around the world for the past 25 years and legend has it that more platinum records have been mixed on G Series desks than any other type of console. The biggest positive of having a G4048, apart from its great sound, is the flexibility it affords the studio. A compact design packs great preamps, EQ and dynamics into every channel and provides an amazing central core to the studios setup. In conjunction with the growing outboard rack of preamps, dynamics processors and FX toys the desk catapults the studio into a sonic realm.