Design and acoustics

The live room offers a superb acoustics and elegant aesthetics. LittleBigBeat Weiler is a 400 sq. ft, state-of-the art recording/mixing studio housed in a new, ground-up separated building attached to the home-base. Although hardly the norm in residential construction in this area, the addition was built with a decoupled concrete floor system, created for optimal isolation. The complex includes: live room, sound lock to be used as an extra isolation booth with sightlines to control room/live room and the control/mixing/mastering room; fully digital and analog signal processing. And, a full complement of microphones, preamps, instruments, amplifiers and vintage outboard gear.

WSDG project manager Dirk Noy reports the studio design is based on a combination of optimal room proportion, membrane absorbers used for critical low frequency room respons, and specifically placed diffusers (in some instances transparent), for high frequency reflection control. Allowing the studio suite to relate to the home and to the beautiful surroundings was very important and to the final design. WSDG was on the mark throughout the process. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.